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Bluewater Biosciences Incorporated is an environmental, science-based company that has become the leading Canadian producer of bacterial testing kits.

Our kits are now in use throughout Canada, North America and in over 40 other countries around the world. They are used by government agencies, industries, international aid organizations, educational institutions, cottage associations, municipalities, environmental consultants, public interest groups, research scientists, universities, students and individuals concerned about water quality.

Our bacterial testing kits are designed to provide rapid, accurate, easy to use and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of applications for water testing. Though simple to use, our kits use the latest in bacterial diagnostic technology to provide consistently reliable results. Their continued use in numerous research projects and comparative studies have verified and documented their effectiveness.

Please browse through our catalogue of products. You will need to create an account should you choose to place an order. Orders are generally processed and filled within 72 hours of being placed. Our shop uses PayPal which accepts all major credit cards.

Should you require any further information about a product in our catalogue please feel free to contact us at info@bluewaterbiosciences.com.

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